Mazatlan sanctions on businesses taking out trash on non-schedule days have lowered

Lourdes Sanjuán Gallardo said that in the first week of establishing the operation, it has sanctioned up to 40 businesses and today they are less than 10 a week

Mazatlan, Sinaloa.- Positive results have left the implementation of an operation of the Directorate of Ecology and Environment to raise awareness among businesses to reduce actions such as taking out waste at times not allowed.

María de Lourdes Sanjuán Gallardo, head of the agency said that several weeks after the project started there are currently fewer businesses that disregard the call of the authorities since in the first week they sanctioned more than 40 companies and today there are less than ten that receive some notification.

“It’s a matter of not letting down our guard, of continuing to patrol, visiting businesses, they come, they pay their environmental operating license, they pay the fine and we have seen people’s response.”

The director of Ecology and Environment in Mazatlan said that in the awareness that is made to companies, they are asked to begin with the processes of separate waste, as well as abide by municipal regulations to remove them at specific times, as well as regularize in payments for collection services and thereby avoid stronger penalties.

“Here the issue is that people have to start seeing the separation of garbage as a way to solve especially the problem of garbage that remains on public roads.”

Sanjuán Gallardo added that now it is necessary, to begin with a process to culturalize society and prevent the continued use of garbage since many times the problem of sewer sewers is due to the fact that society itself does not abide by regulations, for which it is important that they begin to denounce anti-ecological acts.

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