Mazatlan City Council removes chairs and tables from Olas Altas

The order of the city council keeps the restaurants of the Olas Altas and Plazuela Machado promenade unhappy

Mazatlan.-  This weekend, the City Council of Mazatlan was responsible for notifying the restaurant owners who have businesses on the Paseo Olas Altas to remove chairs and tables from the sidewalks.

In said statement entitled ‘Notice of visit’ it referred to the following: “do not leave furniture and objects out of business that obstruct the passage to the pedestrian,” notice that was delivered to restaurants that were caught with irregularities in violation of the regulations for trade in the public thoroughfare, which granted a period of 24 hours for the owners to correct the irregularity and must be presented in the trade commerce-department, to carry out the corresponding procedures.

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The agreement

According to the statement, the restaurant workers had to free the measure of 1 meter 80 centimeters from the sidewalk for the passage to the pedestrian.

So they had to remove several chairs and tables for the mentioned place.

The nuisance

Employees and owners of these premises expressed dissatisfaction with these decisions made by the municipal mayor, expressing that this type of action will only harm the port.

La Machado

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Although the owners who have businesses in these surroundings have not yet received any notification, they comment that if they have one they will look for a way to reach an agreement with the corresponding authority.

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Manuel Bastidas, in charge of a well-known restaurant-bar located on Constitution Street, in front of Plazuela Machado, points out that for almost 18 years the place has received approximately 200 tourists a week and that with these initiatives, the influx of Clients could be affected, as well as the economy of the Mazatlecos, since lower sales would have to take actions such as the dismissal of staff due to the low influx of vacationers.

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