Durango advances in the fight against corruption

Deputy Carlos Maturino said that both legislators and the Prosecutor’s Office must analyze the requirements following the investigations of cases

I am aware of the information presented by the Anti-Corruption Prosecutor, Héctor García Rodríguez, in the sense that 30 cases of alleged corruption are already being investigated by both municipal and state public servants, said Carlos Maturino Manzanera, local deputy.

“It seems to me that this figure reflects that Durango is evolving in that very important area, which is the fight against corruption and I welcome the fact that there are citizens and jurists who are already opting to report in this Prosecutor’s Office,” he said.

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In fact, he added, it is more plausible because, we must recognize, it is a Prosecutor’s Office that is still operating since austerity, and it is very important that in these months that remain to 2019 prove its worth, so that all the deputies can understand the value which has such an entity within society.

What should be very clear, he said, is that those 30 complaints are not a figure that reflects everything that happens in Durango, but it does not mean that there are already 30 guilty of corruption, and it is a reflection in which we must be very responsible

“I believe that, at this moment, what we must do jointly legislators and Prosecutor, is to analyze all the requirements that arise from the investigation of these cases, for now, yes, already with the experience that this is giving the first year of operation, accurately determine your requirements, “he said.

He noted by noting that the Anti-Corruption Prosecutor estimated that, by the end of the year, about 150 total complaints will be received for cases of alleged corruption.

Source: el sol de durango

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