US union doubts that Mexico adopts labor changes within the framework of the USMCA

Richard Trumka anticipated the failure to ratify the treaty

The leader of the American union AFL-CIO warned on Wednesday against a rapid approval of the new trade pact with Mexico and Canada, after showing concern about labor protection measures in the southern neighbor and saying that the plan will be defeated if voted before from the end of November.

“If there were a vote on the new #USMCA before Thanksgiving, the agreement would be defeated. Quick action would be a colossal mistake,” group president Richard Trumka said in a tweet.

His concerns include his reservations about the possibility that Mexico does not adopt the necessary changes to guarantee labor reforms or not adequately finance the implementation mechanisms, he said separately in an interview in The Washington Post, the first media that reported your comments.

“If they can’t enforce their own laws, we have a real problem,” Trumka told the Post. “No agreement may work.”

“If we can fix those things, we can get to yes.” “If we can’t fix them, we can’t achieve yes.”

His comments echoed the objections presented by the Democrats in the House of Representatives, who must approve the agreement reached by Republican President Donald Trump.

A prominent Democratic lawmaker, who led a delegation to Mexico, said this week that the neighboring country must do more to implement labor reforms.

Trump, his government, Republicans in Congress and prominent business groups have been pressuring the president of the House, Democrat Nancy Pelosi, to accept this measure before the Thanksgiving holiday in late November.

In a letter to his Democratic co-religionists in the House, Pelosi said Tuesday that “we will continue our discussion on the USMCA (acronym for the United States-Mexico-Canada Treaty, known in Spanish as T-MEC).”

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