Surf Therapy Imdem, a new project in Mazatlan focused on people with disabilities

Mazatlan.- Determined in making the circle of inclusion grows in the municipality, the Municipal Sports Institute headed by Humberto Álvarez Osuna, will carry out the Imdem Therapy Surf, focused on people with some physical or intellectual disability.

This Tuesday, Imdem announced that this Sunday, October 12, starting at 9:00 a.m., in the beach area of ​​the Pueblo Bonito Hotel, the first session of the project will be held, with the support of the coordinator from the Baja California surf therapies program, Carlos Luna.

“The surf team is getting bigger, thanks Carlos Luna for being here and promoting this project that has been growing little by little thanks to the acceptance of the Mazatlan society,” said Fabiola Verde Rosas, coordinator of Leagues and Clubs of Imdem.

The Surf Therapy Imdem project, explained organizers such as Manny Inzunza, coordinator of the Free Imdem Surf Classes, and Roberto Durán, technical director of the Surfing Association of the State of Sinaloa, is the third of its kind that opens throughout the country.

«Mazatlan has a very large community of surfers and very close, that is why we decided to support. We have worked with children with autism, down syndrome and over these almost five years the therapies have been growing, ”said Luna.

“The therapists themselves have seen positive changes in children, and even some institutions send us children and young people so that surfing is part of their inclusion in society.”

Such has been the success of surf therapies that children with autism who did not speak have begun to do so, there have also been cases of children with cerebral palsy that have improved their movement in the hands.

“At sea we are all the same. Literally the sea can change our lives. Some parents tell us that our therapies are magical, they have told me that their children after surfing have been able to fall asleep or have decreased their seizures, they are reasons why we are here, we want the benefits of the sea to reach more children, ”he said .

Surf therapies consist of getting into the water with rowing boards, which are much larger. Children and young people train with vests, totally safe, accompanied by qualified people in the field.


This Friday, in Barracrudas La Marina, at 8 pm, the documentary “They Also. The next wave always comes ”, by Jorge Nieto, on how surfing helps improve the quality of life of children with disabilities in Rosarito, Baja California.

Source: pmxportal

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