Michoacan invites you to its Bread Fair, El Geiser, and its 400 springs

Michoacán is a destination that offers a multicolored mosaic with more than 400 springs, known as the Health Route, which throughout the year attracts a significant number of walkers, tourists, and visitors

According to a press release, in the municipality of Ixtlán, the “El Geiser” eco-tourist park is located, a site of intense geothermal activity, with hot springs known for their healing properties and their high mineral content, which make it an important tourist attraction in Michoacán.

In the area of ​​the geyser, tourists and visitors will find in addition to the hot springs, swimming pools, basketball court, kiosks, dressing rooms, as well as large free space, parking lots and other services for your comfort.

There, you can also enjoy the traditional cuisine and a great display of handicrafts from the region.

The “El Geiser” eco-tourist park is visited by a large number of tourists and visitors from different parts of the State and from the interior of the Mexican Republic.

Ixtlán de los Hervores, head of the municipality of Ixtlán, is located 29 kilometers from the City of Zamora by Federal Highway No. 15 “Morelia-Zamora-La Barca”. The recreational center is located 1.5 kilometers from Ixtlán de los Hervores.

While you’re in Michoacan you may want to stop at their famous Bread Fair

Although the Michoacan capital organizes its own bread fair, Santa María’s possession of the same municipality will also have its space for this food product, and also a contest. The claim is to make a tradition and give identity to Santa María de Guido.

Next Sunday, October 13, from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m., the First Bakers Contest and Gastronomic Fair will be held, an event organized by the Santa María de la Asunción de los Altos Association, today in Guido, where the National Chamber of the Bread Industry (Canaimpa). There will be 20 contestants and 40 exponents will participate.

At a press conference, Laura Serrano, organizer of this event, said that a call was made for the participation of the bakers of tenure. The idea is that each participates with two loaves, it can be dead bread and traditional bread, the ideal is to participate with the two types, he said, and said that according to the rules of Canaimpa, the participants will present themselves with uniform and with the hair tied.

The awards are supported by Canaimpa, the organizer explained. The first-place prize is 4 thousand pesos and a stand at the Morelia Bread Fair; the second place will be 3 thousand pesos and a kit; and a third-place of 2 thousand pesos. The most important thing is participation, said Laura Serrano.

She explained that as part of the event there will be an alley, where there will be activities especially aimed at young people to leave the cell phone and investigate who Ramón López Velarde was, or José Othón and other poets who name the streets of Santa María. There will also be catrinas, mojigangas, a rondalla. This caravan will begin with a bicycle with a basket of bread, and other vehicles will be added. The ladies will sell their bread.

The organizer said that during this day, visitors can find dishes such as pozole, enchiladas, mole and others, all in an effort to revive the economy of this tenure south of the capital of Michoacan.

For her part, Irma Ramírez, dedicated to the bakery industry of tenure, said that as a contestant he already has his two pieces, which will be of dead bread, however from 8 hours the different bakeries will already be offering bread That holding.

Finally, Lorenzo Velázquez, chronicler of Santa María de Guido, explained that for many years the tenure was in charge of making the bread that was consumed in Morelia. He said that flour and bread have a strong tradition. Already in 2008 they rescued the mole in the possession, now they will try to do it with the bread by the historical antecedent.

Source: quadratin.com.mx

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