Mexico City; A man was able to disarm and shoot 2 thieves, while the third was treated by paramedics for ass-whooping

A man managed to disarm three alleged thieves yesterday who tried to strip him of his belongings in the Tlatelolco housing unit in Mexico City. 

According to Televisa News, the man used his knowledge in martial arts to confront three subjects who threatened with a firearm between the corridors of the unit, between axis 2 Manuel González and Paseo de la Reforma. 

According to the victim, three men tried to take away their belongings with a gun but managed to take them off and wounded two with it. 

When the authorities heard the shots, they arrived at the scene where two thieves were writhing in pain from gunshot wounds and another one from the ass whooping he gave him.


José Arturo, 20, was taken in a Red Cross ambulance to the Rubén Leñero hospital with a chest wound, while Josué Elías, 17, was transferred to the Red Cross in Polanco with a gunshot wound in the pelvis and femur. 

Omar, the victim, and martial arts expert, was treated by paramedics at the scene for a blow to the head. 

The events occurred behind the Veracruz building, where a few days ago a woman was strangled in the back and almost fainted by a guy who stole her cell phone, authorities also investigate the case.

Source: news.culturacolectiva

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