If you are looking for more opportunities to grow personally or professionally, these are the best cities to live in Mexico

Mexico, despite being a multicultural place, full of traditions, entertainment and opportunities to develop in different areas of life, is a country that, unfortunately, has become popular for having a high crime rate against men and women in the streets, in the houses and even in some places of work.

This problem of violence, in some states of Mexico, has been reflected mainly against women who, day by day, seek the opportunity to improve their conditions and quality of life, truncating their right to enjoy a space that guarantees them a Good security for women, as well as decreasing their freedom to make decisions for their future.

This problem is clearly reflected in figures presented by the Executive Secretariat of the National Public Security System; Between January and August of 2019, at the national level, at least 638 femicides and a total of 1,353,990 crimes have been reported in the various federal entities of the Republic.

This is a relevant and worrisome issue that has forced many women, in search of their safety, to find opportunities to live and develop quietly outside their home cities, moving to some of the best cities to live in Mexico, considered thus thanks to the job offers, growth and personal security that these places can offer you. Here are some examples of these safe cities in Mexico for women:

Best cities to live in Mexico if you are a woman

La Paz, Baja California Sur

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As for security for women, this is one of the best cities to live in Mexico, since the state of Baja California Sur, in general, is ranked 32nd with the lowest incidence of allegations of alleged crimes of femicide. So far this year.

As a capital, this coastal city is mainly maintained by the hotel and service industries, so its large offer of jobs is usually concentrated around these sectors in administrative, promotional, technical, customer service and sales positions

Together with Cabo San Lucas, this capital contributes extensively to the local and foreign economy since it contains important chains of services and traditional places, such as excursions for swimming with whale sharks, water parks for diving and extreme sports, as rappel or zip line, and its paradisiacal beaches, such as Balandra Beach and Coromuel. These places directly generate jobs and keep the state GDP constantly growing.

The properties for sale in La Paz They range from 1 million pesos $50,000 USD to more than 700 thousand USD.

Merida Yucatan

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To the south of Mexico is Mérida, one of the safest cities to live if you are a woman. This is because, the Yucatan Peninsula is ranked 29 in the index of complaints of alleged crimes of femicide in the period January – August 2019, while, according to the Peace Index in Mexico, in 2018, this State was the most peaceful and safe to live.

Mérida, like its capital and one of its most popular cities, welcomes all women who want to live in it and offers them opportunities to develop professionally academically, in institutions such as the Autonomous University of Yucatan, the Technological Institute of Mérida, the University of Mayab with its medical school and other nationally popular university franchises.

As for job offers for them, there are opportunities in the tourism and services sector, in large companies in the primary and secondary sector, as well as in the area of ​​import and export of different products.

The prices of the properties for sale in Mérida They range from 1.1 million pesos to more than 30 million pesos.

Tlaxcala de Xicoténcatl, Tlaxcala

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The capital of this can be considered a small city, but that is why it does not lack opportunities for many women who want to move, alone or with their family, to find a safer environment to grow healthily

Tlaxcala, as a state, is ranked 31st with fewer reports of alleged crimes of femicide so far in 2019, taking care of the safety of women in different municipalities and offering one of the safest cities in Mexico to live. For those women who wish to move to Tlaxcala de Xicoténcatl, that is, the state capital, there are job opportunities in the industrial and administrative sector.

As for entertainment so that they can enjoy their free time, there is the option to practice sports such as hiking and climbing on the Cerro de la Malinche, different archeological areas such as Cacaxtla and Xicoténcatl and enjoy the famous firefly nights.

The properties for sale in Tlaxcala range from 1,500,000 pesos to more than 10 million pesos.

Zacatecas, Zacatecas

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Zacatecas is one of the best cities in Mexico and the Bajío for women entrepreneurs who seek to form a heritage in a competitive environment and that drives them safely. It ranks 25 in reports of alleged crimes of femicide at the state level and 26 in the index of alleged female victims of wrongful death.

In 2017, this state ranked first in the country’s industrial growth, guaranteeing work, professional and personal development opportunities for women from all over the territory who seek to live in this state.

Regarding academic development, Zacatecas offers the opportunity to study in institutions such as the Autonomous University of Zacatecas, the Technological Institute, the Mexican School of Psychoanalysis, the Normal Superior School of Zacatecas, among others.

The properties for sale in Zacatecas, it’s capital city, range from 1 million pesos, reaching amounts of more than 10 million pesos.

Tequisquiapan, Querétaro

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Querétaro occupies the 23rd place in the index of alleged crimes of femicide at the national level and is a state that has become popular, in recent years, thanks to its labor offer, with technology, manufacturing, services and industrial companies, and different institutions schoolchildren, such as technology and business schools, settling in their busiest cities.

This, beyond being a problem, has made this federation put to work to ensure the safety of women who live or plan to move to their cities and turning magical towns, such as Tequisquiapan, into one of the best cities from Mexico to live.

In Tequisquiapan you can find properties with prices from 1 million 500 thousand pesos and up to 40 million pesos and job offers in the tourism and manufacturing sector. Among its main attractions are the Cheese and Wine Museum, La Redonda Vineyards, the Opal Mine and the Mexico I love museums and Live Museum.

Ensuring the safety of women is a goal to which many other cities, such as Torreón, CDMX, Puebla, Guadalajara and the state of Nuevo León, have joined hands of the UN Women Mexico.

However, while the measures of these cities are coming into force, consider the cities mentioned above to build a safe heritage for the future, for your family and for you.

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