Mexico’s Berries Exporters Association present at the U.S. PMA Fresh Summit Fair 2019

Guadalajara (Mexico), October 8, 2019.- The Association of Exporters of Berries of Mexico (ANEBERRES) will participate, from October 17 to 19 in the PMA Fresh Summit 2019 Fair, which will be held in Anaheim, California (United States).

President of ANEBERRIES, Aldo Mares said, “the PMA Fair is very important for our group, because it allows us to continue internationalizing our berries and, our main objective, is to continue increasing the consumption of Mexican berries abroad and, above all, to position our brands worldwide”.

In addition, Aldo Mares also stated that “in this new edition, we will champion our new Berry Gap certification, making it known in the PMA and disseminating it globally, since we understand that it is very important for producers to have this ype of certification”.

“The US market is very important for our exports, currently coping 97% of them, so we understand that we have to boost this activity in a greater way, and that is why we never miss the annual meeting at the PMA Fair (Produce Marketing Association),” Aldo Mares added.

The head of ANEBERRIES concluded saying that “it is vital to continue working on the diversification of markets, but we have to be fully aware that our natural market is the North American market, since Europe, Asia and the Middle East are considered complementary markets”.

The Mazatlan Post Newsroom with information from Asociación de Exportadores de Berries de México (ANEBERRES)

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