‘Let’s bring science and innovation closer to transforming Sinaloa into the great state we are’ says Arredondo

Inauguration of the First Sinaloense Day of Knowledge 2019 in Cobaes 26

“We are very clear in Sinaloa that it is from the investment in education that we will be able to establish foundations for present and future development. This is the work and commitment that Governor Quirino Ordaz has drawn to the children of the Sinaloa families, ”said this morning the general director of the Baccalaureate College, Sergio Mario Arredondo Salas, during the opening ceremony of the Sinaloense Day of Knowledge 2019 promoted by the State Government through the Institute for Research and Innovation Support (INAPI).

“The Sinaloan agenda of innovation has the purpose of doing teamwork, of bringing to every corner of the state the opportunity of human development that means science and innovation for young people and their regions,” said Arredondo Salas in the emotional ceremony held on campus 26 of this city, where the Secretary of Government Innovation, José de Jesús Gálvez Cázares, made the inaugural declaration of the great scientific and technological event that has Cobaes as the host institution.

Accompanied by the director of the Institute for Research and Innovation Support (INAPI), Bernardino Antelo Esper, and the representative of the Deputy Secretary of Higher and Higher Secondary Education, Rigoberto Ocampo Alcántar, Marlene Alicia López Avilés, the head of Cobaes added that “Sinaloa it has the opportunity through science and innovation to diversify its productive sectors more, to advance to sectors with greater added value, generating quality jobs

With an estimated attendance of more than half a million people throughout the state, the Sinaloense Knowledge Day will involve children and young people of all educational levels from October 8 to 31 in multiple activities related to science and technology by the 39 participating institutions.

In his speech, the Secretary of Innovation of the Government of the State, José de Jesús Gálvez Cázares, stressed the importance of science and technology penetrating educational institutions, a task well carried out at Colegio de Bachilleres.

“Cobaes is a platform that allows to work in the formation of citizens with a profile of science and technology. I have seen in Cobaes the passion of its people, a director who has a passion for the institution. That passion is what is used to do things well, ”he said.

The state government official added that the work that will be carried out during the month of October in the framework of the Sinaloense Knowledge Day 2019 will be used to detect areas of opportunity that will strengthen the link between the business and government sectors with young people entrepreneurs.

Similarly, the INAPI general director, Bernardino Antelo Esper, said “that today is an important day for Sinaloa, a state where, thanks to the impulse of Governor Quirino Ordaz, this type of activity is possible, such as the Sinaloense Knowledge Day, which comes to give continuity to the National Week of Science and Technology that CONACyT organized for 25 years ”.

“Thanks to the governor for always looking at the goals of the boys, for promoting the development of this type of event,” said Antelo Esper, where Cobaes, meanwhile, will deploy around 2,000 different activities in its 124 campuses in the entity .

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