Sinaloa Tourism Secretary working on 2020 budget

Pérez Barros brings related experience to the tourism sector

The Secretary of Tourism of Sinaloa is doing an analysis of the 18 municipalities to know how much is required for the 2020 budget.

Culiacán, Sinaloa .- Because the Expenditure Budget of the 2020 Federation comes with a 42 percent reduction for Tourism, Oscar Perez Barros, said they will continue knocking on doors to obtain a decent budget for Sinaloa.

The Secretary of Tourism of the State of Sinaloa, acknowledged that since the disappearance of the Tourism Promotion Council there is no longer a federal resource, however, with the support of the Governor of the State, they have been able to move forward in that issue.

“We are going to knock on doors, because here in Sinaloa we know how to multiply each and every peso of the federal budget, in order to help those who need it most,” he said.

The state official explained that last year the amount of 130 million pesos was allocated to Sinaloa, however, for the 2020 budget an analysis of the 18 municipalities is being done to find out how much is required.

“I have already met on the Tourism Commission of the State Congress, we are going to Mexico City because they have to know what is being done in Sinaloa on that issue, and the importance that the Tourism Industry has in our state,” Perez Barrios concluded.


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