Ziplines added at El Maviri Island Sinaloa

Now it will have harnesses for people with disabilities and one of Superman for the intrepid

Los Mochis, Sinaloa .- For those who thought that the zip line of El Maviri Island would be out of operation, and for adventure lovers, it is already confirmed that it will continue to offer its services.

Omar Cabrera Durán informed that the replacement of the cables of this tourist attraction begins on October 15 and could start operations from the last week of this month, depending on the company Nom Limits, who will operate this zip line.

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“They think in a week to be able to do all the work in replacement. The operation of the zip line will be in two phases: the first phase is going to replace a single cable to start operating, and as the days go by they will continue in the replacement of the second cable, which will be the first phase”.

The secretary of Economic Development of Ahome added that in the second phase it is contemplated in approximately 6 months, to put more attractive to the zip line so that people with disabilities can also enjoy these walks.

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“That is, the zip line is going to be inclusive. This is so that the whole family can go and have fun in situations that we would never have thought that a person with a disability could use this type of tourist attraction. We are working for the whole family to use it. ”

He said that another game they will install will be Superman for intrepid people who want to fly like this superhero. 

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He explained that the approximate investment of the replacement of these two cables will be one million pesos, “and we expect to have everything to operate Friday, Saturday, and Sunday continuously.” 

The municipal official added that they are already working with restaurant workers to work hard in promoting this attraction together with the company Nom Limits.

“Because it will be an attraction for the gastronomic island that we have, it will be a support of both, where the restaurant workers will promote the zip line, and obviously in the zip line make promotion to the restaurants as well.”

In this way, he stressed that the restaurant workers, Nom Limits and the municipal government will do a joint work so that this reaches a very good future and you can have the zip line service uninterruptedly.

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May it be a good tourist attraction service for regional, national and international people who visit us. ” 

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Cabrera Durán mentioned that the company that will operate the zip line has all the safety certifications in its operation.  

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Directions to El Maviri

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