Mexico increases its appeal for retirees over 65

The United States, Spain, Guatemala, Canada, and Cuba are the countries that concentrate the largest foreign population over 65 years of age residing in Mexico.

Parents who see their children leave home after raising them and experience the so-called empty nest syndrome, retired after a lifetime of work … Many people over 65 choose to travel and travel the world once retired or retire to A sunny and warm place. The favorite places for these purposes worldwide are the United States, Germany, and China, although Mexico grows in this type of tourism

One of the main causes is the lower costs for health treatments. According to the extinct ProMéxico, in the last ten years, the country has established itself as the second destination of health tourism – behind Thailand – with up to 1.2 million travelers a year for this purpose. Baja California, Baja California Sur, Mexico City, Chihuahua, and Jalisco are the main receiving entities.

But, in addition, Mexico country is in the 11th position of the markets that receive the most tourism of well-being dedicated to people of mature age. Until 2017, 18.7 million trips of this type were counted towards some destination in Mexico, according to the study ‘Global Wellness Tourism Economy, prepared in 2018 by the Global Wellness Institute.

The countries that emit the largest foreign population over 65 years of age residing in Mexico are the United States, Spain, Guatemala, Canada, and Cuba. Those looking for a retirement plan in Mexico see as attractive the low cost of maintaining their quality of life, wide range of destinations and real estate, natural and cultural offer, ease of obtaining residence and an accessible health system, says the study of Deloitte ‘Market Opportunities and Perspectives of Health Tourism in Mexico’.

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The document indicates that the search for a second home for retirement or simply having a long holiday stay is born with the purpose of being closer to entertainment and health centers or because there is an opportunity to open a new business.

Roberto Montalvo, coordinator of the degree in Hospitality Administration at the Universidad Ibero, says that the community of American retirees amounts to just over one million people, of which just over half are over 65 years of age and distributed in destinations of Baja California, Jalisco, and Guanajuato.

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Although in the last 10 years there is more movement in Cancun, Riviera Maya, and Mérida, partly due to security levels and the establishment of medical clusters in the area,” he says.

The market of those seeking this opportunity – defined as silver consumers – harbors its potential in that tourists make an average of 2.3 international trips and the cost per trip is $ 2,711.

Montalvo says that tourists who travel to Mexico because of retirement have a higher expense because they attend to the medical and health part, but they also dedicate a large part to knowing the country from the tourist point.

“Since 1990 the number of retirees living in Mexico has grown at least four times and it is something that will grow, but security plays an important role. You should think about giving the security conditions that will guarantee us that we will continue growing, “he says.

The Global Wellness Institute study highlights the health and wellness alternatives, attractive for this segment, such as the size of the spa offer, since at least 3,837 units of this type and revenues of 1,772 million dollars per year are accounted for. While the 587 units of thermal alternatives represent revenues of 216 million dollars.

Those who offer a wellness component within a hotel complex have greater added value since it becomes equally important for guests as the technology elements within the complex, said Alex Mai, director of Latin American and Mexican Development at Hilton, during a meeting with representatives of the sector.

“Everything that is the part of wellness customers today see very important, almost at the same level of technology. If we can not offer these two things, the brand is worth nothing and the location either,” he said.


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