Fishermen in crisis by the red tide alert on shorelines of Mazatlan

They say that it is a consequence of the storm’s passage along the Sinaloa coast

Mazatlan, Sinaloa.- In addition to the bad season that normally occurs after a storm, such as the one that recently went through Mazatlan coasts, fishermen from Playa Norte also face the presence of red tide, which among other things, leaves the fear of consumption because of the toxicity that it could present.

Don Genaro, a fisherman from that area, said the fish is scarce, and the water is dirty, messy, contaminated and stinky; They expect the situation to improve as of Monday.

He explained that although at this time they fish beyond the area with red tide or sewage, which also ensures there is production, there is little production because on the one hand, the fish goes to deep areas, trying to protect itself from the red tide.

This is bad because it is polluted water, if we go out but they are red, black, white, dirty, contaminated waters, and the fish disappears, it goes down, it sinks, this is a consequence of the storm Don Genaro

Some pangas are taking gold, he said, but it’s not near here, but at a distance of 50 kilometers, and they have to carry more food and fuel.

He said that in recent days the fishing left them 300 pesos, which goes on gasoline, food, and helper, so they could no longer bring any money to their homes.

We are going out and we get 300 pesos of fish, between two people, when the boat spends 100 pesos of gasoline, 100 pesos of bait, they have to take lunch, we have practically nothing left to take to our houses 

Don Genaro

50 kilometers is the distance that fishermen have to move away from the bay to fresh fish.

Source: el sol de mazatlan

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