The festivities begin in honor of the Virgen del Rosario, the largest celebration of the people of Rosario Sinaloa

The President of the Organizing Patronage of the Celebrations said that visitors from all over the state, from the Mexican northwest and from the United States are expected

El Rosario, Sinaloa.- The “major days” of celebration in honor of the Virgin of the Rosary, the largest celebration of the people of Rosario, are beginning, being this Saturday morning, the dress that will wear, from today until May next.

Martín Ricardo Ledezma Cortéz, president of the Organizing Board of the Celebrations of the Virgin of the Rosary, described the municipality of Rosario as a magical town that has the idea of ​​instituting religious tourism, precisely because the magic of this town is held by the Virgin of the Rosary beads.

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This year marks the 288 anniversary, in which the population focuses on celebrating it in this way to the Virgin of the Rosary, beginning on September 27, and ending midnight on Sunday, October 6.

“We can say that this Saturday and Sunday are the biggest days, visitors arrive from all over the municipality, state, from the Mexican northwest and families from the United States; It is at this moment that the Virgin of the Rosary is being dressed in her royal attire, ”he said.

“They should know that the Virgin of the Rosary wears three garments a year, one in the month of May because it is offered to the month of Mary, another during the novena that culminates today, and another that is the one that lasts most of the time, from October to May, ”he added.

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He emphasized that the itinerary begins with a series of masses, concluding with the Mass at 6 pm, to later start the most beautiful activity in the tradition, he said, which is the staged rosary.

Along the main streets of our city, there are temples where each of the parts of the rosary is staged, starting around 7 in the afternoon until reaching the Sanctuary of the Virgin, around 9 or 9:30 in the night.

It begins in one of the oldest churches in the municipality, which is in the Holy Cross, and then goes to the church of the Sacred Heart of Jesus, continues with the old church, known as “the ruins”, and ends here in the church of Our Virgin of the Rosary.

At 11 o’clock at night, with the church full of parishioners, a musical show is offered, with an artistic cast ready to give our Virgin of the Rosary the morning.

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This year the cast is composed of María Elena Leal, daughter of Lola Beltrán, as well as tenors Joaquín Silleros, Manuel Salas and Rosario, Juan Colín, in addition to the mezzo-soprano, Mariela Angulo, all of them are accompanied by the trio “Los Ornelas. “

It is just in the first minutes of Sunday when the first pilgrimages begin to arrive, being the pilgrimage of Agua Verde, the first that arrives, after having started its walk at 5 pm on Saturday.

“Different artistic groups arrive that are put in the entrance of the church or in the atrium of the church to sing to the Virgin; At 6 in the morning they begin to do masses, and at 10 in the morning we hope to have Mr. Bishop’s visit, ”said Ledezma Cortez.

At 4 in the afternoon, there is a special Mass, for all that public servant of the state, offered so that all the work that is done in the community, grateful and with faith.

“At 5 in the afternoon, a group of men go down to our image to ride it on the steps, which is a kind of cart, and start a tour, until 8:30 the virgin visits her town, passes through the main streets of the city, which are adorned with multicolored flags, it is a beautiful party, ”he says.

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It is at 9 p.m. when a reception mass is made, after its tour, and then it closes with an arts festival organized by the different artistic houses of the Rosary.

The celebration concludes with a pyrotechnics show called “Games of faith,” which is presented almost in the first minutes of Monday, October 7, “everyone is invited to enjoy this incredible celebration in honor of our Virgin of the Rosary,” Ledezma emphasized. Cortez

After 10 years of waiting, the Barrón Pérez family “dresses” the Virgin of the Rosary

Marcos tells how he decided every detail in the dress, to be able to thank him for all the favors that the Virgin has granted him, mainly in health for each of his people

El Rosario, Sinaloa.- After 10 years of a long wait, finally Marcos, a member of the Barrón Pérez family, proudly Escuinapense, was able to offer a dress for the Virgin of the Rosary, as part of his gratitude for so many miracles he did your loved ones.

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“I wanted to give it to him for the love of the virgin and all the favors he has granted me,” says Marcos Barrón Pérez, while his eyes fill with emotion, when he turns to see the Virgin of the Rosary.

“The dress comes in four parts, which are the priestly hands, I put them on a priest friend, very dear to the family; the roses she brings to the front (the dress), I am offering them for my sister who has cancer, ”he said.

“The child’s suit God is embroidered Mamluk type, because my sister-in-law, since she got pregnant had complications, so was the nine months, and I asked the virgin for her; the same dress (of the Virgin) brings five angels representing my five brothers, ”he explained.

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“The breast of the Virgin brings the heart of Mary, and that heart I offered to the Virgin because my father was given two heart attacks, and nothing happened to his heart, he has no problem, he has nothing; That is why I am donating this dress to you, for all the favors, for all that you have given me, ”he emphasized.

Marcos, is considered a faithful devotee of the Virgin of the Rosary, besides being, always, one hundred percent “Guadalupano”, “I came, precisely ten years ago, to the pilgrimage; When I saw the Virgin in your walk, I was born to give the dress to the Virgin, and I said one day, ”he says.

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The dress was made by a designer based in Mexico City, named Eugenio Alzás, who chose each of the colors and fabrics, while still including the five details, very marked, requested by Barrón Pérez.

“Ten years ago I signed up, and today I feel a lot of joy, there are no words; ask the Virgin with much love and fervor that she can do everything, ”says Marcos, among her obvious happiness.

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