Mazatlan goes for the strengthening of an honest and results-driven police force

The Secretary of Municipal Public Security held a meeting with lawyers where he admitted that he was handed a boat, from which the captain disappeared so he, now has to avoid sinking and will ask society to row together

Mazatlan, Sinaloa.- Covering the basic needs of the Mazatlan society with honest, right and precise police officers when attending security events, is what the secretary of Municipal Public Security, Federico Rivas Valdez, seeks after announcing that he will do a sweep with the crime that is lived in the port.

For this, he said that he bets to professionalize the police, improve their behavior with society, improve salaries and make good use of camcorders; so that the team that makes up the Secretariat is in optimal conditions when it comes to acting and thus there is really an efficiency in the authorities’ actions.

“I can easily tell you what my Mazatlan Police project is, it results in something very simple, we want the Mazatlan police to be honest, right, dignified people, that when you ask them something they solve it, they arrive on time to the places where they are required and where not, that they do not go because also when the Police go to a place where it is not necessary it causes distrust and insecurity ”.

He commented that to give results, he cannot do it alone, so he asks for the collaboration of citizens, his co-workers and professionals who know they can contribute something since, he acknowledged feeling very pressured by the authorities.

And he exemplified, they gave him a ship from which the captain disappeared, so he has to avoid flooding, so he mentioned that they have demanded results not only in terms of safety but also in the breathalyzer, so he had to bring manuals from other states to implement them in Mazatlan; where he also argued they already existed but were not updated.

Federico Rivas Valdez attended a meeting with members of the Bar Association “Marco Antonio Arroyo Cambero”, who made some observations of security, and the work done in Mazatlan, in addition to providing ideas to improve the result in the port.

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