The rough road that the military travel to destroy drugs in the Sinaloa mountain range

More than three hectares planted with marijuana was what was destroyed in the Cosalá mountain range

Soldiers of the Third Military Region prepare to climb the mountains of the municipality of Cosalá.

The moment in which the elements of the Mexican Army move in all-terrain vehicles to the town of La Cuchilla, nestled in the mountains of the municipality.

Soldier wields his weapon, alert to respond to some aggression by criminal groups.

Soldiers in their green uniforms and boots go up to the place of discovery.

This is the famous forbidden marijuana in many parts of the world, produced in Sinaloa.

Marijuana plants look green and large from the top of the mountains.

Two soldiers uproot the “forbidden” plants.

Military shows the part of the plant known as “sheep’s tail”, which is processed and dried for sale and consumption.

Army prepares the burning of plants on the hillside.

The burning of more than three tons of marijuana begins.

Source: linea directa

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