Mazatlan’s Isla de la Piedra citizens committee is formed to add extra vigilance and security

The Committee also seeks that motorcyclists drive carefully, register them and wear a helmet
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Mazatlan Sinaloa.- The ejido of the Isla de la Piedra had an important meeting on the issue of crime prevention and public safety, in which municipal officials of the Ministry of Public Security, Imdem, Imju, and others, resolved all their doubts in the presence of Commissioner Victor Aguirre.

The main task of prevention lies in security and vigilance since a citizen vigilance group was formed in which they will alert the Police of any incident, also a meeting was given on the use of the Mazatlan APP and its importance.

One of the main complaints of the ejidatarios was the increased of up to 80 percent of motorcycles on the Island, with most vehicles are not even registered with Roads and Transportation because they do not carry license plates.

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Another problem with motorcycles is that whoever drives them does not wear a protective helmet, and drive at high speeds.

The inhabitants of the Stone Island asked the authorities for greater interest and vigilance in their town, as it is rare when the municipal authorities even visit them.

The municipality responded with a commitment to return to give talks to schools, while and a massive meeting with the entire town.

Who led the meeting was the director of Road Traffic Education in Municipal Transit, Eddie Hernández.

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