Mazatlan firefighters require more training and a say on new highrise construction fire safety

In Mazatlan, there are four fire stations that are far from the areas where residential towers, hotels, and condominiums are being built

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Mazatlan Firefighters need the correct equipment and training of new highrise development in Mazatlan, following the constant construction of towers that are over 6 floors, and before a possible fire that could be laborious in its suppression.

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The commander of the tragahumo, Édgar Enrique Peinado Beltrán, said that while the staff is trained to deal with such contingencies, the buildings must have fire safety systems.

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He said it is necessary that Mazatlan Firefighters take a special course against fires in tall buildings, education that is currently managed through the tragahumo of Zapopan, Jalisco.

Those who take that training, he said, will specialize in fires of tall buildings, currently, local firefighters among the four fire stations are not prepared.

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On his own initiative, he said, the station staff seeks to be trained and updated and prepared for such accidents, although in reality, it is necessary to ensure that these buildings comply with the appropriate fire suppression measures.

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He called on businessmen and developers to approach firefighters to make their facilities known, and whether or not they have the necessary fire fighting equipment.

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We are not a regulatory authority, but we are the ones who are going to put out the fire when they burn, whatever floors the buildings have

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Of the buildings that are currently built in Mazatlan, the smallest has at least six floors, while the tallest has 36, although in the coastal area construction permits for towers 70 meters high or 20 levels are contemplated.

Source: el sol de mazatlan, tvp

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