Mazatlan City Officials claim open spaces needed for disabled at Machado

City Council requests proposals

Until the 15th of this month, the restaurants in the Plaza Machado have a deadline to submit a proposal to the Mazatlan City Council to be able to work on the street and sidewalks of that plaza, said Mazatlan Senior Officer Javier Lira González, commenting that within of the ” clean sidewalks” Program every merchant who uses the sidewalk must respect and leave room for the free movement of people.

In the interview, the official said that the DIF brings the “Clean Sidewalks” program and tries to recover spaces and some sidewalks of the Machado are “totally blocked”. We have already told merchants to leave us “a free space on the sidewalks where a wheelchair, a disabled person can pass”.

Lira González said that there is no “documented permit and that for years the use of sidewalks and the street in that place has been tolerated for the benefit of tourism; it’s not about removing them, but we want them to make us a proposal. ”

The Senior Officer reiterated that these days the restaurant workers go to work as normal; “The municipality seeks agreements, which comply with regulations without harming anyone; We need you to make us a proposal. The City Council has already told them to leave us spaces for people with different abilities to travel smoothly ”.

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The Mazatlan Post