Hotel sector of the Mexican Caribbean rejects Puerto Morelos cruise ship dock due to destruction of reefs

The hotel sector of the Mexican Caribbean manifested itself in absolute rejection for the cruise ship dock that is installed in Puerto Morelos, since they said it causes loss of aircraft seats, does not leave an economic spill as it has been shown in Cozumel, where the cruise ships They only take their passengers to businesses where they are given commissions but do not spend the night. To which they added the environmental damage to the reef area, so they proposed to make a human chain when the first ship arrives this next November 2.

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Roberto Cintrón Gómez, president of the Hotel Association of Cancun, Puerto Morelos and Isla Mujeres, along with Patricia de la Peña as representative of the Association of Vacation Clubs (Acluvaq), Carlos Gosselin Maurel, as vice president, referred the seriousness of the issue to The tourism sector of the state.

The hoteliers pointed out that the negative impact on the destination is proven in Cozumel where there is no overnight stay, nor a real economic spill in the area, so the island lives “stagnant”, in real tourist development, but if it has been affected environmentally having to close its reef area “El Cielo”, tourism to recover from the negative impact of excess visitors.

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In the same way, they warned Puerto Morelos should close a reef area due to excessive environmental wear: “Where is the congruence of the authorities to give permits to cruise ships that will affect the area? They asked.

To this, they added that 180 airplane seats will be occupied by French tourists that could replace the absence left by Thomas Cook, and who could spend the night a minimum of 7 nights, as European tourists have stayed between 7.14 and up to 21 days. While these tourists would stay at least one night maybe.

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On the one hand, they said the license Alicia Ricalde, head of the Integral Port Association of Quintana Roo (Apiqroo), assured them that the permits will not be granted, “but then his team continues to promote the issue.”

They also accused that the Cabildo of Puerto Morelos accepted the project and progress has been made on the subject “stealthily”, which is why they will meet in the next few days with the mayor of Puerto Morelos, Laura Fernández, who despite having met for other issues They said they were not informed about the development of this issue.

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They said they will not remain without taking action (they are already studying legal aspects), because the impact will be strong on the hotel sector and the community.

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