Father rides his daughter on his work tricycle for her Quinceñera; it goes viral

The image went viral and dozens of businesses offered Perla Yadira free the banquet, hair and makeup sessions, photography, clothes, pastries and even cell phones

As part of the 15-year celebration,  a yukis and snowcone seller of Sabina, Coahuila, decorated his tricycle with pink flowers and ornaments and took his daughter for a ride in her quinceñera dress of the same color.
 “El Tarzan”, as  Juan Manuel Duarte is known , had great success, since all his acquaintances in the center of Sabinas, including strangers, congratulated the young woman, asked for photos and gave him some money in the box that They put for donations.

The image went viral and dozens of businesses offered  Perla Yadira Duarte free items like a banquet hall, hair and makeup sessions, photography, clothes, pastries, sound and even a cell phone.

“I took my daughter around in the tricycle because I am a yukis seller,” and its the only mode of transportation we have, Duarte told local media.

For a year, the man added, he saved money with sacrifices to organize a party for his daughter 15 yr old celebration.

 “We are going to have his quinceañera on (Saturday), but people told me: put a little donation box to put money in. We already have everything for the quinceañera, but if people want to contribute something to help her, well how good,”  he said .

 The quinceañera said the idea of ​​the ride was from her dad.

 “It was an illusion of my father to take me out here on the tricycle, it was an illusion of him and I did like the idea.  ” At first I had an expression like ‘what, really?’ and then I said ‘yes’, for him
The young woman said that many people asked for photos, which ended up pleasing her, because she felt like a celebrity.

Source: diariopresente.mx

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