5.0 earthquake shakes Guerrero; no damages reported to Civil Protection

The earthquake occurred southwest of San Marcos; Azcapotzalco and Gustavo A. Madero mayors’ offices in Mexico City.

An earthquake of magnitude 5.0 was registered on the morning of Saturday, southwest of San Marcos, Guerrero, the National Seismological Service (SSN) reported.

The organism of the Institute of Geophysics of the UNAM announced in its Twitter account that the earthquake was registered at 11:20 hours 28 kilometers southwest of said Guerrero town, at a latitude 16.71, longitude -99.64 and at a depth of 13 kilometers

The Mexican Seismic Alert System (Sasmex) indicated that the earth movement did not merit the activation of the seismic alert because the energy estimate in the first seconds did not exceed the preset levels.

He added that the nearby sensor is located on the coast of Guerrero, 15 kilometers from Acapulco.

According to users of social networks, the quake felt slightly in some capital city halls such as Azcapotzalco and Gustavo A. Madero.

The National Civil Protection Coordinator, David León Romero, confirmed that no damage or casualties were recorded.

He noted that after applying all civil protection protocols and maintaining communication with Guerrero authorities, there are no reports of affectations near the epicenter.

In an interview on ForoTV , León Romero commented that the earth movement of magnitude 5.0, registered 28 kilometers southwest of the San Marcos Guerrero community was perceived in some places with greater intensity, from the proximity to the point of origin.

He recalled that five tectonic plates converge in Mexican territory and mentioned that so far this year there have been 19,500 earthquakes, 10 thousand of which had an epicenter in Oaxaca and almost 2,500 in Chiapas.

The National Civil Protection System deployed its actions throughout the national territory to serve the population, although there are no reports of any incident due to the earthquake, he added. ( Ntx )

Source: National Seismological Service (SSN), forotv

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