Mazatlan is ready to receive more tourists

In addition to the port, Sinaloa has a lot to offer starting with the treatment of its people

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Mazatlan, Sinaloa.- October and November, are the months of expos and weddings, therefore, the reservations to occupy the rooms of the hotels, are already full during the weekends, revealed José Gámez Valle.

The counselor of the Association of Hotels and Tourism Companies of Mazatlan said that the lodging centers have the ability to receive those and more visitors, for this reason, the opening of the new route Mazatlan-Querétaro generates good expectation for the port, since that the inhabitants of that State could leave an important economic benefit for Mazatlan.

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“Querétaro, if we compare it with any city in the United States, we would compare it with Seattle, Washington, it is people with high purchasing power and strong industry, it is a very strong very strong economy, the next step would be to get a flight from León, Guanajuato ”.

Achieving that air connectivity would give access to millions between the two areas, and also that tourists from the states of Aguascalientes, Hidalgo and San Luis Potosí can reach Sinaloa.

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Gámez Valle explained that in recent years there has been an increase of approximately 100,000 air seats, which generates a 40 percent hotel occupancy only for people traveling by plane.

“I do not want to compare ourselves with other beach destinations but I talk about what we have differently, we have a beach that is noble, not all beaches have that, our well-known regional cuisine, a historic center that increasingly consolidates itself as a image of destiny and the treatment that nobody beats, we have for that and for more ”.

He added that this is added, that the destination can be visited by anyone, since the port offers a budget for all types of pockets.

For these reasons, José Gámez believes that the new air routes are here to stay, since he is convinced that new visitors will fully enjoy the port of Mazatlan and the other destinations of Sinaloa.

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