Mazatlan City Against Restaurants of La Machado Plazuela

Mauricio Mascareño Coppel, the owner of the restaurant La Bohemia, located in the Constitution Street in the middle of Plaza Machado, disagrees because the Mazatlan Mayor’s Office wants to limit them in the spaces they use in the street.

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He says he is satisfied that there is a regulation, but that the authority respects the “earned space” over 15 years and where local, national and international tourism enjoys because the area becomes a pedestrian area without risks of motor units.

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Mascareño Coppel said that the Machado “is a tourist, restaurant and culture space (due to the proximity of the Angela Peralta Theater and the development of the fine arts); It is an area where there is commerce and employment for many families and it seems illogical that after 15 years they want to take it away. ”

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The young restauranteur acknowledged that he is willing, in his field, to respect a space for the transit of people, a “pedestrian walker, but it is not fair that they take us off completely from the street and the sidewalk. We are paying rights to both areas; it is for people to come to live together, to have a good time; It is a tourist attraction and more now that comes the end of the year and the arrival of foreigners. ”

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Mauricio asked the municipal government to respect the closure of the section of the Constitution Street, between cold Heriberto and Carnival, so that this tourist area prevails as occurs in the great cities of the country, especially in the Historic Centers.

For 15 years, the different municipal governments have allowed that section to be closed from noon on Thursday until Sunday night and make it pedestrian, avoiding the transit of vehicles.

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