From De Alcurnia Taqueria, a new culinary concept in Mazatlan

De Alcurnia Taqueria is a new culinary concept in Mazatlan, where you can enjoy a delicious dinner enlivened with live music.

In this new place you will find from the most typical ranging from roast beef tacos, marinated and sausage to cuts of meat such as Arrachera, Rib Eye and Tomahawk, cuts that are prepared on the grill with the special touch of the house.

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The menu is so varied that in addition to having entrances, tacos and cuts of meat; Alcurnia Taqueria has burgers and vegetarian tacos ideal for all tastes.

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Diego Camacho, people from Alcurnia Taqueria stressed that it is the skewers of marinated meat that most characterize them.

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“Our peculiar characteristic is the preparation of our slow-cooked meat with homemade seasonings to give it that different flavor as well as the presentation of the tacos, the assembly is different, we take care of the small details of presentation and flavor more than anything.”

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If you are looking for a traditional dinner but with a different and original touch, Alcurnia Taqueria is your best option. They are located on Calle Cuesta de Sayula # 231, Col. Francisco Villa with a schedule from 6:00 pm to 12:00 pm.

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