Mexico NINIS Raising the New Generation of Useless Young People Who Do Nothing


It is not uncommon to see many young people who are much lazy today than before. We mean that they don’t like to help at all, even if it is a simple household task such as picking up their own mess.

Today’s mothers are complaining every time about the weight of what it means to take a home where they don’t see help from anywhere even when they seek to change them even a little. This causes them to end up running out daily. And the worst part is that these same young people do not show signs of seeking work or becoming independent.

Despite the seriousness of the situation, not much is being achieved because by wanting to correct them, young people have less tolerance and are altered when they are required to change.

Today’s society is worried because they are our future and it doesn’t look very good.

Useless Young

They are those young people who do not help mainly at home. They are not able to pick things up, sweep or maintain order and cleanliness. They spend it playing on the computer, watching television or talking with their friends on the cell phone.

Many parents are in crisis because they do not see them with the intention of looking for work or doing something concrete for their lives. Basically they “vegetan” at home as if nothing and do not want to improve their situation.

Most leave school and partying even using alcohol or drugs, or, worse, having unprotected relationships with the result of an unwanted pregnancy.

Something happened with the society that today makes it difficult to talk with them about morals, good customs and less guide them because they think they know everything.

These young people also complain about having no money and require their parents to give them at all times. Worse, they are not aware of what it means to earn money so they spend it without regrets.

The average age is 16 and 24 years. They do not study or work for what is known as the NINI generation. And whose fault is all this? Simply parents

That is another generation that had to get up early to do chores and go to school and then continue helping in everything. If they wanted money, they should work for him. So, since the feeling they had was not the best, they want to prevent their children from feeling that way. They began to accustom their children that everything comes easy and no effort is required to get things done.

These young people are so comfortable so they prefer to continue living on maintenance and not work or think about their future. Total, that’s what parents are for.

So, if you have small children, it is time to take things in your hands and educate them on small tasks and responsibilities. It is the only way you will be sure that you are raising people of good and values.

Do not leave the responsibility to others for your mistakes.


The Mazatlan Post