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Sinaloa industrial sector investment has stopped says Canacintra

The president of Canacintra Culiacán indicated that it is necessary that investments be generated

Culiacán, Sin.- The industrial sector is stopped, it is not growing but it has not had a fall either, however, there are risks when there are no impact investments in the 2020 budget proposed by the Federal Government, said Canacintra Culiacán president Francisco Álvarez Aguilar

He explained that difficult times are coming for the industry in Sinaloa and throughout the country, if no investments or support are made for the acquisition of equipment, training of companies.

“We are neither growing nor down, but it is very worrying if the investment is not really generated, we do not inject money or training, it will be very difficult, it will be difficult times,” he said.

He mentioned that he observes that the government of Andrés Manuel López Obrador is leaning towards social issues, which is fine, however, it is important that companies are not neglected

He commented that as entrepreneurs they are working to maintain themselves, doing internal synergy, seeking networking, strengthening local consumption, generating a transformation in food and strengthening regional products.

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