Kidney and cornea transplants, the most requested in Sinaloa


In the IMSS, so far this year twelve kidney transplants have been performed

Sinaloa .- In the state, there is a waiting list of 16 thousand patients to receive a kidney transplant, while about five thousand people have been corneal.

The Transplant Coordinator of the Mexican Social Security Institute ( IMSS ), Santiago Osuna Cháidez, reported that these are the most requested, following the heart and lung.

So far this year, just a total of twelve kidney transplants have been performed in the city of Los Mochis, a greater amount of what has been transplanted in previous years in Social Security.

Confirming that previously between two and three transplants were registered per year, a number that they considered below the parameters, so the current Administration is managing to advance the number of transplants that are performed, so they will seek certification so that Corneal transplants are performed at the number one Regional Hospital in Sinaloa. 

Donation cards

The doctor explained that the cards in which he authorizes if a person wishes to donate his organ are not valid, this is because, in case of immediate death, the family members decide, unless the person before death announces it.

Most of the possible donations are not made because there are some taboos on the part of the families since some consider that when doing this practice a body is being mutilated, or the religious issues of each family intervene. 

This Friday, September 27, in Mexico, marks the National Organ and Tissue Donation Day, which seeks to promote and raise awareness of the population to donate the organs after death, as it is a way to continue saving lives 

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