Durango looking for 4 million dollars for theme park investment


There is a proven tourist product with a substantial increase in the number of visitors year after year.

This Monday an investment project aimed at Durango businessmen was presented for the construction of an international theme park on the Paseo del Viejo Oeste. For the first stage of consolidation of this would require at least four million dollars and a hotel development is not contemplated, said Eleazar Gamboa de la Parra, head of the Ministry of Tourism of the State Government.

In an interview the state official explained that during the course of Monday there was a meeting with potential investors, all from here in the state, an open invitation was made to people who would like to see an investment project that has been taken for the Paseo del Viejo Oeste, The dynamics have changed a lot on the federal issue and they cannot stand with their arms crossed and wait for resources or not.

There is a proven tourist product that has a substantial increase in the number of visitors year after year, more than 20 percent compared only to the past, and that apart hosts different events, congresses, etc., which represents a theme park differentiator that is not available in any other part of the country and that is liked by many of the visitors.

“There is a macro project that involves doing what is really an amusement park or a theme park in all the extension of the word to the levels of the parks that can be in the country and for this a lot of investment is required,” he said.

Also, the Secretary of Tourism stressed that it is not an easy thing, it must be said, there are other issues that need to be worked on, first see if there is interest. We would like investors of course to be people from Durango advised by experts on the subject, but that it is local investment, but if there is no interest they will not be left with their arms crossed, a dossier of investors is ready and profiles are available. of possible people or companies nationwide that are in the field and where a public-private investment program would be offered.

Source: siglodedurango

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