ALERT ISSUED: Jalisco dengue epidemic cases triple and still no fumigation


The Jalisco Ministry of Health has confirmed that the cases of people infected by dengue have tripled in just 30 days, and exceeded so far this year to those throughout 2018, so the situation is worrying and collaboration is necessary citizen to prevent the virus from spreading.

According to the figures he has released, until August 12, 909 cases had been registered in the state, but by September 16, they were already counted in 2 thousand 496, that is, almost triple the above. In part, the spread is due to the lack of the chemical to spray against the transmitting mosquito, which has not been purchased and provided by the federal government, as reported recently by the Government of Jalisco, which on its own has bought and sprayed with resources own, but on an insufficient scale.

In this regard, the State Department of Health emphasized that fumigating is not the whole solution, since the poison for mosquitoes only lasts a week. The measures that people must adopt are the use of repellents, emptying water containers and waterlogging, among others.

It is worth mentioning that Guadalajara is the municipality with the most cases of dengue in the entity. Others with huge numbers of infections are Zapopan, Puerto Vallarta, Sayula and Tonalá.

Source: vallarta opina

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