Sinaloa’s Saulita Rosas, a warrior at heart


Since she was six years old she was forced to join the difficult working world as a child

Culiacán, Sinaloa.- With just the young age of six, Saulita Rosas, originally from Ayagualuto, Guerrero, was forced to join the difficult working world as a child, who, seeing the critical economy that their parents are going through, with the few The skills they have start working on what they are given the opportunity.

That is how since she was a child she began working together with her brothers and parents in the agricultural fields of Sinaloa, without knowing the whole story that destiny had prepared for her, in which, following the tradition of the town where she was born, she became a craftswoman of corn husks.

In each agricultural season, Saulita’s family, like hundreds more, migrated to another state in search of economic support, in which despite being a child, she understood that she had to work to help her poor parents.

In his first visits, little by little he fell in love with Culiacán, the city that for more than 20 years would become his home, at first he only remained in the city on the days of the season to return to his hometown with his parents, until her brothers settled down and she at age nine decided to stay.

Every time he visited his parents in Guerrero and for the environment in which he lived with handicrafts 24 hours, from the age of 12 he began to learn the art of making arrangements with the corn leaf, this through courses that she herself I paid with the money I got selling watermelons.

When he returned to Culiacán, he made only the products that people asked for for festivities such as Día de Muertos, while he also worked elsewhere.

However, a short time later, when sailing alone, Saulita remembered with melancholy one of the moments of her life that marked her forever with the loss of her six-month-old daughter, in an environment of loneliness by not having her parents, which led to a great depression.

As the warrior she is, she continued working in various places, ceasing to devote herself to crafts because, having no phone, she lost her clients’ contacts.

But life for three years had prepared a light that was going to help her move forward, overcome her depression and return to crafts, it was when in the city center she met a counselor who invited her to give workshops to adults greater.

The moment in which at the same time he meets the leader of the Association of Craftsmen, José Hernández, who gave him the facility to enter the union to be protected and obtain a permit to sell his products in the center of the city on Rubí Street, corner with Antonio Rosales.

With the conviction of being a better livelihood for her children and being a single mother, after being accepted into the association and with greater maturity, she feels capable of being able to get ahead with her children, to whom she tries to give everything she can to be happy.

Currently, her 10 and 12-year-old children support her in the sale of the products, the youngest, the holidays are responsible for selling the corn leaf crafts, who together with her brother are determined to help her, while as children They are whirlpools and Saulita’s pride.

I’m going for two years, with accounts, with everything from the world, but I see that, if it comes out, it goes out to pay 300 pesos to the person you borrow, ”said the artisan, who against all odds has the determination to continue working for their children, who do not want to work in the agricultural fields 

Saulita Rosas

Every day she wakes up at 6:00 in the morning to prepare her 10-year-old daughter who goes to school in the morning shift, later with her 12-year-old son she opens the street business at 8:00 a.m., at noon the little one enters classes and the girl supports her mother in sales.

With a 12-hour schedule, Saulita, together with her children, face the inclement weather every day, either because of the high temperatures that occur or the rains that are generated, a situation that has caused her to get sick at times.

It is very heavy, because the rain begins and it is to start removing everything from one, it is like an adrenaline that starts from removes and removes everything because you get wet and everything is mistreated, what is the craft I do not have it here in hand, It is on request for the same 

Saulita Rosas

Wanting to deliver quality flower arrangements and prevent them from being mistreated, I create a Facebook account “Crafts of Saulite Corn Leaf”, a strategy that has worked to increase the number of customers.

On holidays, with weeks in advance, he begins to collect the corn leaf in rancherías like Bebelama, this to move forward during the day in his traveling business, continue at night and offer colorful floral arrangements.

With the support of a lady, it is like going to the ranches to collect corn husk, at a time when for the love of handicrafts you have to endure the itching in your arms.

The artisan Sualita, mentioned that currently the inspectors do not bother her in her traveling business, however, she hopes that the Mayor, Jesús Estrada Ferreiro will see for the people who need the support.

In the case of the members of the association of artisans, he said that they are aware that they are in the streets, but, it is a noble work that supports their families.

As the warrior who has become her 33 years, Saulita Rosas, struggles day by day to be the livelihood of her two children and continue the tradition of artisans in her hometown.

Source: el sol de mazatlan

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