Sectur works on LGBTI certification for tourism service providers in Mexico


Although the LGBTI tourism segment represents an important economic spill for service providers and the destinations that receive them, there is still a significant lag in their attention, so the Federal Tourism Secretariat (Sectur) already works on the issue.

The agency already has a training program for tourism service providers that serve the LGBTI community, and as learned, the Certification that will allow establishments to be distinguished as specialized in this niche is already being developed.

The certification will be added to the others granted by Sectur, such as the distinctive M, S, H, or those very specific such as those aimed at people with disabilities or for tourism in Asian markets, and that guarantees the customer certainty as to the measures of hygiene, sustainability or specialized care.

Given a constant limitation to get involved in LGBTI community issues, Sectur will highlight the benefits that it represents at the commercial level, to have a service aimed at this important market segment, as part of the actions to create an inclusive awareness.

Destinations such as Mexico City, Puerto Vallarta and even some of the Bajío have developed interesting products for this niche. As an example, today in the Mexican capital the Diversity Guide was presented, a compendium of 100 percent gay-friendly service providers, which seeks to highlight the opening that exists in the city, where in addition to product offer, there is confidence and security for LGBTI tourists.

In the presentation, Carlos Mackinlay, secretary of Tourism of CDMX, reiterated the actions he has taken since he began his administration in support of this tourism, and acknowledged that one of the short-term purposes is to formally integrate the LGBTI Tourism Office, as Although in practice this area already operates, under the coordination of Armando Machorro, it is not yet an organism within the official structure of Sectur CDMX.

CDMX bets on LGBTI tourism

After having been closed for six years, the LGBTI Tourism Office of Mexico City resumed operations to generate product and strategies to capture the important economic spill generated by this segment.

The Secretary of Tourism of the capital, Carlos Mackinlay, said that with the reopening, this area should meet with service providers that are aimed at this community, to jointly define the work proposals and plans to follow, to be in the taste of tourism LGBTTTI both national and international.

This approach will be through cameras, associations, companies and civil society to generate the offer of activities, services, festivities, conferences and all series of events focused on this niche.

According to Mackinlay, one of the main objectives is to guarantee the security and respect conditions for the lesbian-gay community, which, when finding friendly destinations, responds quickly by visiting them.

The owner of Sectur CDMX explained that in the capital it is estimated that between eight and 10 percent of tourists correspond to this segment, which represents an approximate of 1.4 million travelers, nationals and foreigners.

He also commented that training courses for tourism service providers will be required, some of which are already well advanced in the field, and will serve as an example for other companies. The goal is to position CDMX again as a community-friendly destination while promoting respect for diversity.

LGBTI tourism generates an economic spill above average, with 1,300 dollars per person per stay, which exceeds 680 dollars of conventional tourists.

Source: nitu

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