‘Lorena’ leaves more than 30 shattered palapas on Isla de la Piedra in Mazatlan


Despite the high tide that is recorded, ejidatarios perform cleaning in the area

Mazatlan, Sinaloa (Informative Reaction) .- The ravages of the tropical storm “Lorena” in the port of Mazatlan were minimal, however, the winds and swells generated by the phenomenon did not forgive the beach area of ​​Isla de la Piedra , where more than 30 palapas from the restaurant sector were affected.

Through a live broadcast made by Informative Reaction, the damages in the beach area of ​​that ejido were verified.

Havoc Island

There, some restaurant owners saved the structures of their palapas, others resigned themselves to see the force with which the waves dragged the sea into everything in their path.

Havoc Island

The trustee of the Island of the Stone, Victor Manuel Aguirre Peña, commented that for this type of destruction there is no government support, since the ejido does not have legal structuring, only Semarnat permits.

“The consequences still continue because the sea is still high, and we are expecting the worst at twelve o’clock because we believe it can do more damage; for this there are no supports, the same palaperos do it with their own resources, who saved saved, and the government does not support us because there are no writings, “he said.

Source: reaccion informativa

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Restaurant Cerro los Chivos