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Attendees advocate at Nobel Peace Summit for equal marriage in Yucatan

Diego Luna asks the Yucatan Congress to represent the LGBTI community

The International Convention Center room was full of applause to celebrate its message

In a call for attention to the Congress of Yucatan, actor Diego Luna, said that the legislative body does not represent the LGBTI community, clearly exposing the refusal of that body by voting twice against equal marriage, within the framework of the forum “Art and sport as peacebuilders”, a panel that he shared with the footballer Rafael Márquez and the Spanish singer Miguel Bosé, within the framework of the 17th World Peace Summit that takes place at the International Congress Center, in Merida, Yucatan.

Before a closed ovation, the histrion expressed: “diversity is what gives us wealth, it is a call to the Congress of this State, because it must be said so that it does not remain as a subliminal message, so that it is understood, the community LGBTI in this state does not feel represented. ”

“The most interesting thing is, it is assumed, that Congress is a structure that represents us all, and it is just that, what does representation mean today? But representation does not exist without citizenship, without citizen responsibility,” he said while the audience cheered him standing up.

He pointed out that we think we have stopped doing and “how did we give our reality to others? And we will recover it, because the system is supposed to work that way. ”

He noted that peace lies in the concept of equality, “there will be no peace unless there is equity, unless we are an inclusive society, which prioritizes equality.”

“And if we reflect on how much we participate in this inequality, we will realize how much we are being unfair in this reality in which we live, how much we can do. Exercising citizenship is going out to meet others, it is going out to meet those who think like you, who are willing to make efforts, to transform what worries you, ”he said.

He said that we are the problem, that we do not confront what as citizens we have to demand and achieve, we have a lot of power, our power is in the numbers. “We are a country of more than 120 million inhabitants and we exercise that power only on election day and then we sit and watch, but this country needs us every day.”

We have everything to live in another reality and, nevertheless, today we are the country of the disappeared, of the graves, of the violence, of the militarization, “they are brutal subjects”.

For his part, Miguel Bosé, almost voiceless, highlighted peace as a universal human right. “The citizen not only has to exercise his rights, it is his duty to be uncomfortable, if we are uncomfortable we get many things.”

He said there are very few songs dedicated to peace, there is no emotion in music or a chord that reflects pacification, it seems that it does not interest. “Not only does the right to peace have to exist, but the culture of peace.”

He criticized, later, beauty contests because “our worst public relations for decades have been the misses, that when asked what do you want for the world ?, they answered“ Peace ”.

“The truth that was said with the best of intentions, but how much damage they did to that word.”

Márquez said that as players they have a responsibility to be an example. “We carry the responsibility of being an example for everyone, so the rivalry must remain on the court.”

He added that today he sees a lot of intolerance and disrespect while urging to instill those values ​​in the children.

They again advocate at the Peace Summit for equal marriage in Yucatan

“Diversity must be felt, not faked”: Rigoberta Menchú

“The theme of diversity should not only be a belief, but that it should be felt, loved and loved, and that is why I have worked with all the different cultures of the planet, with the different ideologies that they have, such as sexual diversity, why not ?, I have worked with many people who are wonderfully talented and more respectful and do you know why ?, because they have humiliated them on the other hand, then they feel they have a friend who does not humiliate them, but values ​​what they know and what they do, what they understand and involve them in their cause, “said Guatemalan Rigoberta Menchu ​​in the forum Celebrating our differences, within the framework of the 17th World Nobel Peace Prize Summit, at the International Congress Center, in Mérida, Yucatán.

And what is the cause ?, he asked: “human dignity and mutual respect between people, give the place to the other as he deserves and not just pretend.”

He added that the prodigiousness of the human being is also diversity, “our parents even said, ‘What would our mother nature be if it had only one color? How boring!’, Mother Earth has as many colors as all her children” .

The Spanish singer Miguel Bosé urged to work to change things. “If we want things to change we have to have a determined attitude, radical if the situation deserves it, and add those attitudes constantly every day to get results.”

“I just can’t, Rigoberta alone can’t, Joy alone can’t, Bernice alone can’t, the four of us together can do more. If you, in addition, get together and support from what is now in the Yucatan Congress, which is the equal marriage, to any other right, we will be much stronger and things will become much faster and better. “

The journalist Yuriria Sierra, who acted as moderator, also had a voice in the discussion: “This morning I listened to the table on nuclear weapons and thought, I hope that our table has an impact and that the Congress in Yucatan can approve equal marriage in a way much faster before the issue of the prohibition of nuclear weapons disappears again. “

Later, Menchu ​​said that she experienced discrimination and bullying, “the jokes about me were so tremendous, they told me that I looked like the Pope, because I had a potato face, that kind of discrimination is so powerful that it marks a cross on your lifetime”.

However, he said that when people do not victimize, they generate an influence of equilibrium, “I want us to live in balance, that no one says that it is more than the other or less than the other.”

“I congratulate that these issues are addressed because it is double moral not to do it. There are many who tell me in private that they are in favor, and then in public, they say no; I like the sincerity of the people if that is what he thinks he says it and doesn’t hide it, because a hidden human being is not responsible, “he said.

For her part, the singer Joy Huerta said that there is no human being more dangerous than the ignorant, and speaking of prejudices, she said that: “as a woman, as a woman of the LGBTTTIQ community in a macho country, I meet people who suddenly a person next to him can make him ugly for his sexual preference and not me, why ?, because they see me on TV, they listen to me on the radio, they like my music, they feel they know me; I just say it so that every person here is given the opportunity to meet the person next to them, whatever their religion, their political beliefs, their way of seeing life and just respecting it. “

Referring to discrimination, Martin Luther King Jr.’s daughter, Bernice King, said that President Donald Trump granted permission for discrimination: “It seems that all hatred and white supremacy occurred at that time, when in reality there was always been there, because we had never faced it fully. “

“Let us make an effort so that our life becomes a teaching for others and surely if our children, our young people, have an environment of respect, their way of acting will be different, not only for diversity but for integrality”, held Menchu.

“There are many risks faced by human beings, but it seems to me that if we do not start with the most elementary of the rights of each one of us and we, perhaps we will not be able to resolve these great issues,” Bosé concluded.

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