Canadians Warned To Avoid Travel To Mexico As Hurricane Lorena Hits The Area


The hurricane is expected to bring strong winds and flash flooding.

As summer is officially over, many Canadians are attempting to escape the already cold weather by heading somewhere a little farther down South. While Mexico is a popular place where Canadians travel year-round, the Canadian Government is currently warning travellers to avoid all non-essential travel to parts of Mexico due to an incoming hurricane. Hurricane Lorena is expected to hit the Mexican west coast this week and could bring destruction with it. 

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According to the Government of Canada travel advisories, Canadians should avoid all non-essential travel to the areas of the west coast of Mexico, including the Baja California peninsula from La Paz to Puerto Cortes, and the east coast of the Baja California peninsula north of La Paz to San Evaristo because of Hurricane Lorena. 

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Hurricane Lorena is expected to hit the Mexican west coast between September 19 to 21 and is predicted to bring excessive rainfall and violent winds with it. 

The hurricane may cause flash flooding, landslides and disrupt important services such as transportation, power, water and food supply, telecommunication networks, emergency services, and medical care. 

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Due to this, the Government of Canada has released an ‘avoid non-essential travel’ statement, something that is only issued when there are safety and security concerns that could put Canadians at risk. 

If you have plans to travel to Mexico throughout the week, the Government of Canada strongly advises you to reconsider visiting the area and to change your travel plans. 

Yet, if you are already in these areas of Mexico, Canadians should exercise caution, pay attention to updated weather reports and follow the instructions of local authorities. 

However, it is important to note that the travel advisory is not in effect for all of Mexico, just parts of the west coast. The Government of Canada states that they will continue to monitor the hurricane with the U.S. National Hurricane Center and update information if needed. 

The government of Mexico has also issued a Tropical Storm warning from Puerto Cortes to Caba San Lazaro. 

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Hurricane season usually occurs from mid-May to the end of November in this area. During this time frame, the Government of Canada always warns travelers to be informed on the latest weather forecasts and to be prepared to change your travel plans on short notice. 


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