Sinaloa students, among the most prepared in the country


SINALOA.- The state of Sinaloa moved from place 26 in 2015 to place 2 nationwide in 2019 in the results of the PLANEA evaluation, being only below the state of Puebla.

In making the results known, the Secretary of Public Education and Culture, Juan Alfonso Mejía, accompanied by teachers and executives of the most outstanding secondary schools, said that
“Sinaloa broke the glass ceiling” explaining that the key to this achievement It was finding solutions at the local level by listening and sharing experiences with those in classrooms and schools and not waiting for the federation to give the answers.

The strategy has been launched since 2018 covering 300 schools and more than 32,500 secondary school students from different systems and areas, with the participation of 1,400 Spanish and math teachers, as well as technical pedagogical advisors, principals and supervisors.

The head of Sepyc, indicated that this evaluation was not to “machete” as was the case with the Link test, but that the lowest-performing students were chosen and they had three previous evaluations until they regained their confidence since the lack It is the main cause of desertion when arriving at the preparatory level.

“33% of students leave high school for academic and non-economic reasons, which has to do mainly with confidence and not so much with the economy. They do not abandon, it is the system that loses them that fails to accompany them, ”he emphasized.

He indicated that in the PLANEA Evaluation from 2015 to 2019, 23 percent level of students was reduced to an insufficient level in Sinaloa and it is the state with fewer students in this area.

Source: adnportal

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