Foreign tourists spend an average of $ 851 in Mexico


In July 2019, the average expenditure of each tourist increased by 9.7% at an annual rate. The average amount of expenditure was $ 851, equivalent to 16,575 Mexican pesos.

During July 2019, tourists (foreigners who come for vacations, business or visits) recorded an average expenditure of $ 851, around 16,575 Mexican pesos. This figure implied that in this period this type of tourists spent 9.7% in annual comparison. 

In their classification by way of entry to Mexico, those who arrived by plane spent an average of $ 1,001 on their stay, equivalent to 19,522 Mexican pesos. This amount is 12.8% higher than what foreigners spent last year.

On the other hand, foreign tourists who arrived in the country by land made a significantly lower average expenditure , only spent $ 293 each, which is equal to 5,714 pesos, a figure that is 9.1% lower than that registered a year ago, according to figures obtained by the International Travelers Surveys conducted by the National Institute of Statistics and Geography (Inegi).

Travelers who arrive in the country by air generate 8 out of 10 dollars (78.8%) that the country enters for international tourism while those who entered by land contribute 2 out of 10 (21.2 percent).

Overall, the total foreign exchange income from foreign and international tourism – border and tourism – totaled $ 2,168 million during the seventh month of the year. In annual comparison, these revenues grew 11.1 percent. This result implied a rebound in the total income generated by the entry of international tourists, the highest figure since March.

Arrivals increased by 14.1%

In total, international tourism amounted to 4 million 161,664 foreigners arriving in the country, which implied an increase in tourist flows of 14.15 in annual comparison. Of every 100 foreigners who arrived in July at least 53 came and stay at least one night in the country, the remaining 47 are border or temporary tourists.

During this period, 2 million 196,938 foreign  tourists arrived in Mexico (on holiday, work or family visit) . On the other hand, 1,964,726 border tourists were registered.

Although temporary or border tourists are still slightly less than half, in recent months the flows of this type of receptions have increased significantly. While the arrivals of tourists who come to stay at least one night grew just 1.1% at an annual rate, while the entry of passing passengers increased 33.3% in their annual comparison.

Source: el economista

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