Mazatlan Civil Protection Suspends Water Park Operation in Playa Norte


Mazatlàn, Sinaloa.- For not having the corresponding municipal permit, the Government of Mazatlan decided to suspend the operations of the water park, which is located at Playa Norte, which commercialized its services for the national holiday.

After not complying with the commercialization and security guidelines for its users, the Civil Protection coordination proceeded to suspend the activities of said business.

Civil Protection Coordinator

The Civil Protection Coordinator, Eloy Ruiz Gastelum, mentioned, there are documents that correspond to the presiding direction and that the establishment must count with insurance in order to provide its services.

The permits, he said, correspond to what is established by the Civil Protection Law, in which they are requested to comply with safety protocols, in which they must comply with the transfer and protection of bathers who come to said water park.

Ruiz Gutierrez, he said, the company has 5 days to respond and submit the corresponding permits, so he clarified, the team confiscated water park, but only to avoid it being used.

Source: rasnoticias, el sol de mazatlan

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