Confirmed, Mazatlan will have its shelter for stray animals


It will be a center for animal control and veterinary care in the area of ​​Villa Unión; they will donate the land

Mazatlan, Sinaloa.- After years of acclaim, Mazatlan will have a municipal shelter for stray dogs and cats.

The mayor of Mazatlan, Luis Guillermo Benítez Torres, announced the opening of the project of an animal shelter that will be located in Villa Unión.

The director of Ecology and Environment, María de Lourdes Sanjuán Gallardo, explained that the project will be a new area under the responsibility of the management to respond to requests from citizenship regarding animal abuse.

“It is a donation that they are going to give us, the mayor told me that if we were interested and told them that of course, then we went to see the land and we are starting, Public Works already told me the documentation it occupies to start doing the project” , said.

The director said that this shelter will be located on land at Villa Union, they see the area as viable and the project it insures will be at the beginning of the year to allocate budget and new staff.

“It is not within the urban area of ​​Mazatlan, and it is in Villa Unión, and it is an agricultural area with a vocation to be an industrial zone; by Mexico 15 International Highway and road to La Amapa, there is the little piece of land, one hectare”, detailed.

Sanjuán Gallardo stressed that it will not be a kennel or cat, much less an animal graveyard since the main function is to give shelter to stray animals and give veterinary attention.

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