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Mexicans prefer La Paz: 90% of tours are sold to Mexicans

The Tourism Service Provider mentioned that Mexican visitors are those who ask for tours of the emblematic places of the capital of Baja California Sur

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La Paz, Baja California Sur (BCS). The tourist service provider in La Paz, Felipe Laguna Mendivil mentioned that 90% of its clients are Mexican travelers, who go to the avenues of the Malecon to look for tours; He also said they have not had problems with the authorities although they have stated that the ambulance damages the image of the destination.

“It’s almost pure Mexican, I can say that 90% Mexican and 10% American. We have not had problems with the authority, we have not had because I personally endorse that I am captain of that boat, I make propaganda for that boat, and he is my guide and there are even sellers who do not know anything and sell and no, there has been no problem, ”said Laguna Mendivil.

In this regard, he mentioned that the most popular trips are those destined for Espiritu Santo IslandBalandra-San Rafaelo, swimming with Lobo and the Whale Shark, which starts in October, which are priced at 750 to 4,500 pesos.

“The most popular is to Espiritu Santo Island, the other is to Balandra-San Rafaelito, I swim with Lobo, the Whale Shark that starts in October, those are 3. The cost to the island is 750 pesos; to San Rafaelito, to Balandra it is private, it has a cost that differs in the way that many people go, for example, 5 people 3,500; already for 10, 4,500 ”, said the service provider.

In the same way, he affirmed that the trips are safe since to date according to him no accident has occurred. It should be noted that the president of the Association of Hotel and Tourism Companies of La Paz, Agustín Olachea Nogueda said that an incident occurred in El Mogote 2 years ago, during a tour led by a service provider based in the Malecon.

“Until now we have not had any accidents thank God, there have been no accidents, you take a lot of security first,” said the leader of one of the tourist boats that are on the seawall.

Finally, he acknowledged that the celebrities who have visited La Paz and that the natural beauties of the capital of Baja California Sur have been captured have been a fundamental factor for the enhancement of tourism in the city.

“Definitely (youtubers and celebrities) have given a boost to tourism in La Paz, it has been a great help, really,” he concluded.

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