Sunday there was 50 mm rain in La Ribera; Baja California Sur rains will continue, they warn


The precipitations that come to Baja California Sur will be accompanied by lightning

This Monday, September 9, there will be some showers, accompanied by lightning, and maximum temperatures that will be around 36 ºC in Baja California Sur ; winds will reach 45 kilometers per hour (km / h), announced the National Meteorological Service (SMN ) through its daily report. 

Throughout this Monday intervals of showers (with accumulated from 5.1 to 25 liters per square meters) and maximum temperatures of 35 ºC to 40 ºC could be recorded in Baja California Sur.

“Partly cloudy sky during the day with increased cloudiness during the afternoon, in addition, to rains with intervals of showers and lightning in Baja California Sur. Very hot environment. Wind with gusts of 60 km / h on the eastern coast of Baja California, including the Gulf of California, ”detailed the general forecast. 

In the last 24 hours, there were rains with accumulated 50.1 millimeters (mm) La Ribera, 41.0 mm in Santiago, 24.0 mm in San Bartolo, 15.0 mm in El Sargento and 7.0 mm for Los Planes. 

As for temperatures, the maximum reached 37 ºC in Los Planes, followed by Ciudad Constitución (36 ºC), La Paz (35.9 ºC), Loreto (35 ºC) and El Sargento (35 ºC). The minimum reached 11.0 ºC in the town of Gustavo Díaz Ordaz. 

For its part, it was anticipated that in the capital of Baja California Sur there will be clear skies to partly cloudy, with winds over 45 km / h and temperatures that will range from 36 ° C maximum to 24 ° C minimum. 

While, in the tourist destination of Los Cabos you will enjoy maximum temperatures of 33 ºC and minimum of 25 ºC, with clear skies to semi-cloudy during the afternoon. The wind will reach 40 km / h. 

The thermometer will record a maximum of 34 ºC and a minimum of 26 ºC in the magical town of Loreto, with a clear to partly cloudy sky prevailing, with winds exceeding 35 km / h during the day. 

Santa Rosalía will experience winds of up to 35 km / h and clear to partly cloudy skies, with temperatures ranging between 32 ° C maximum and 24 ° C minimum, the agency said. 

For its part, the National Water Commission (Conagua) reported that in Ciudad Constitución there will be partly cloudy to partly cloudy skies, with maximum temperatures of 35 ºC and minimum temperatures of 23 ºC, accompanied by higher winds of 35 km / h.

Finally, it was noted that in Guerrero Negro a cloudy sky will prevail in the morning and clear in the afternoon, with temperatures ranging from a minimum of 19 ºC to a maximum of 25 ºC. The winds will reach 40 km / h.

Source: conagua, bcsnoticias

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