Puerto Morelos continues to connect the town with sewer lines


Puerto Morelos, Q.R. — In a bid to continue curbing water pollution, the municipality of Puerto Morelos is moving forward with the addition of sanitary drainage lines.

Puerto Morelos Mayor Laura Fernández Piña says that the continued addition of sewer lines has been an expressed concern by residents. She said that “In 2016, only 40 percent of the port had sanitary drainage. Today, the coverage is already just over 90 percent,” adding that “shortly we will work so that the coverage is total.”

She says Puerto Morelos is a municipality that generates responsible public policies with the environment in which it established as a priority to provide sanitary drainage to the population with the aim of curbing pollution of the water tables, noting that it is important to eliminate septic tanks that have become a source of pollution in the subsoil and irreversible damage to the Mesoamerican reef.

Photo: Ayuntamiento de Puerto Morelos

Laura Fernández mentioned that it is necessary to end citizen rumors that the Aguakan sewage treatment plant, located in the Old Town, is insufficient to provide the service. “The infrastructure that exists in that area to treat wastewater has sufficient capacity to do the job it deserves,” she explained.

For this reason, the mayor said that the municipal government will launch an awareness campaign with the National Commission of Natural Protected Areas and Aguakan so that those who are not yet connected to the drainage will be shortly.

“This is a campaign to protect our reef, which is the livelihood and welfare generator for the entire community,” she said.

Source: rivieramyanews

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