Passengers complain about the poor service of bus drivers in Mazatlan


Juan Zatarain Velarde, president of Águilas del Pacífico motor transport, regrets the situation that these passengers experienced

Mazatlan, Sinaloa .- Passengers aboard urban buses of Águilas del Pacífico complain about the bad service of its drivers, that they lose a lot of time at the stops and some drive too slow and with a bad character, mainly those of the Hogar del Pescador route.

One of the affected said that she took the bus in the Pino Suarez market since its the only one who leaves her near her work

The woman said that after paying and sitting down the driver of the bus stopped for ten minutes without advancing when he was questioned the driver replied that he is waiting for more passengers and that if he did not like it she could get off but that he would not refund her. 

After his response, the woman took wrote the number down for complaints and threatened him that she would call and denounce him but he replied go ahead that they wont do anything to him anyway. 

Another passenger named Fermín, said he took the route mentioned above on Luis Zúñiga Street, and it was a few meters later on Juan Carrasco Avenue that the truck driver stopped to buy tacos and following at a gas station wasting 15 minutes

“It is the second time that happens, it is always the same with these bus drivers one denounces them to the complaint number posted and they do nothing to them, they treat the elderly and the students very badly, and then they complain that there are no passages and the worst thing is that they are new with air conditioners and do not turn them on, “said Fermin.

Juan Zatarain Velarde, president of Águilas del Pacífico motor transport, regrets the situation that these passengers experienced.

He commented that at the Pino Suarez market stop, the bus driver has one minute’s permission to wait for a passenger after that time he has to continue with his route.

I do not understand the taco stop, they are prohibited from personal stops while driving passengers, with the issue that they also stopped at a gas station this complaint is a bit more understandable because he could see it done to check the unit, said Juan Zatarain.

The truck union leader gave urban transport passengers the number 669-240-28-34 which is the direct telephone of the office and WhatsApp in which they can send the complaint instantly and with a photo to identify the driver of said unit.

He also said that at the moment two colors of tickets are being handled, the blue one that is for students and only one half of the ticket and the standard green standard fee is charged.

“Every Tuesday we have a meeting to get the details of the week, this Tuesday the board will discuss this and talk with all the routes, and when the driver of the complaint is identified, appropriate measures will be taken to see the type of sanction to be applied “concluded Juan Zatarain.

Source: el debate

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