Mazatlan Public Works urges you to denounce sewers caps or drainage systems in poor condition


Juan de Dios Garay Velázquez said that many times citizens only choose to put sticks or buckets around them, without making a formal report

Mazatlan, Sinaloa.- After the tragedy that occurred last Thursday in Culiacán, where a 17-year-old girl was dragged by the current and disappeared when she fell into an open sewer that connects to a rain collector, the director of Public Works of Mazatlan, Juan de Dios Garay Velázquez , asked the public to report any record that is not covered or is in poor condition.

The public official said that in the administration they have attended some sewers that are vandalized and others that are without cover, but that in many cases these are detected by the sticks, branches and even buckets that citizens put around them to that the cars do not fall in them, more than by the denunciation, reason why it asks cooperation of the Buenosaireans.

The eyes of the citizens are everywhere and in case any sewer is opened, it is important that they report it. We have had to receive complaints from both sanitary sewer drains, and storm sewers, in inadequate states and are duly addressed. In times of rains that is much more important, because these are underwater and with 10 centimeters of water, it already prevents you from seeing clearly and do not say in a heavy rain 

Juan de Dios Garay Velázquez

He pointed out that Mazatlan is not exempt from a misfortune like Culiacán, because here the water pressure in the drainage network is often saturated and the sewer covers are thrown away, so he recommended that the citizens not leave of their homes when the water level is high, and especially, in case of detecting a sewer in poor condition, report it immediately.

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He recalled that in the port several years ago a situation similar to that occurred in Culiacán was recorded when a woman and a child were sucked by a sewer in Colonia Benito Juárez, so he hopes to prevent events of this type with the help of citizenship and timely denunciation.


So far this administration, Public Works has repaired sewers that are in poor condition or without cover, because they are stolen to sell as old iron

Woman falls into a sewer during floods in Sinaloa and disappears (VIDEO)

Security camera captured the moment when a woman falls into a strainer on a Culiacán avenue.

After the heavy rains recorded this Thursday in Sinaloa, a security camera captured the moment when a woman falls into an open sewer that was hidden by the flood. 

Through the social networks, the recording of the event, which took place on Emiliano Zapata and Guadalupe Victoria Boulevard, in the Jorge Almada neighborhood of Culiacán, was announced.

The video shows how two cars are trapped in the middle of the flood. And a woman walks, trying to fight against the current until she disappears because apparently she fell into an open sewer on Culiacán Street.

The reporter Juan Pablo Pérez Díaz shared the story of the event and the shocking images of the victim, who is apparently a 17-year-old girl. In addition, he informed that the mayor of Culiacán, Jesús Estrada Ferreiro, acknowledged his responsibility and will investigate whether someone had reported the hole in the middle of the street.

See here the moment when a woman falls into a sewer and disappears.

As a precaution do not walk on flooded

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