The Sixth Edition of the Employment Fair in Mazatlan fills vacancies in the tourism sector


Mazatlan, Sinaloa.- Thirty-five companies were part of the Sixth Employment Fair held this Friday at the port, which included from the administrative and operational area as an offer for those who are looking for an opportunity to get a space in the field labor, said Arturo Torres Sato.

The director of the National Employment Service in Sinaloa said that with this edition they fulfill a commitment to open this door for the south of the state, where young people and the elderly come to a single point and can see the job offer and submit their applications to be called later by one of the companies, according to the profiles and demand they have.

“More applications are being put are operational, then the second is administrative, the first is labour, from carpenters, mechanical production assistants, bakers.”

He said that this time, vacancies were added strongly, which are made with the tourist service of the port of Mazatlan, as they are the busiest in this area of ​​southern Sinaloa.

“There are about 150 vacancies for example in the hotel sector, right now that it is growing a lot, so there are many requests for maids, for waiters, for the sales area, customer service in restaurants, night stands, freight forwarders, laundries, drivers, and so on, and management issues are maintenance managers, advisors. ”

The Sixth Edition of the Fair and Employment Day in Mazatlan, so far this year, adds to the 58 employment fair at the state level, said the state official.

Source: linea directa

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