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Mazatlan unlicensed vendors proliferate beach areas; Semarnat does nothing, complain, licensed merchants

For every five vendors with permits, there are 15 without permission in federal land maritime zone, they point out

Mazatlan, Sinaloa.- Semarnat denies the update of permits to vendors who have been working on the beach for years but allows the proliferation of street vendors who without authorization saturate the federal maritime land area after 4:00 p.m. and until the sun sets

Likewise, temporary permits continue to be granted during the high tourist seasons, which become unfair competition for those in good standing.

Up to 15 unlicensed vendors on the beaches for every 5 merchants with permission

During a survey conducted by El Sol de Mazatlan, beach vendors complained about the increase of vendors without permission; They pointed out that no authority, be it Semarnat or Inspectors of the Senior Officials, does something to stop this problem.

They said that for every five vendors with permission, 15 operate freely and without the authorization granted by the Ministry of Environment and Natural Resources.

On the other hand, they demanded that Semarnat no longer give temporary permits in high tourist seasons such as Easter, summer and Carnival days, since they offer the same merchandise as them and the beach becomes a market.

José “N”, handicraft seller, indicated that there are few inspectors of Senior Officials who appear in the Federal Maritime Terrestrial Zone to control the ambulance, and at certain times, since after 4:00 in the afternoon and until that the sun goes down nobody comes to bother you.

I would ask that mesures be taken in the matter so that there is not so many unlicense vendors, I know that we all have the right to work, but there are no regulated and we are paying all taxes

 José “N”, crafts seller

He said that some vendors bring with them 2 or 3 more workers who work on the beaches with the same permission.

For his part, Fernando “N”, fruit seller, reported that for every 5 merchants in order, there are 15 pirates without permission, who invade their area and make fun of them, asking them to call the inspectors of the Chief of Staff, knowing that there is no staff that travels at that time the beaches.

They come in the afternoon, one of them threaten me the other day, and he said ‘call me Officer, here I will be waiting for you’, I said, I am sick of my foot and you are free, you can walk, he tells me, ‘Call Officer, I will wait for him’, and no way to fight him 

Fernando “N”, fruit seller

Don José points out that since Semarnat made an agreement with the Chief of Staff, in this administration, to travel the beaches and control the vendors, there has been an increase in the number of unlicensed vendors.

María “N” is 60 years old, of which 28 has dedicated herself to offering hairstyle or braid services to tourists; The permit issued by Semarnat costs 1,400 pesos, which she covers each year, she says that they don’t do very well with so many street vendors, and that, even in the high tourist seasons, when they wait for them, the beaches fill up of vendors with temporary permits issued by Semarnat.

In the absence of personnel, Senior Officials are not able to cover the beaches of Mazatlan

He says that in the group he is in, there are between 3 or 4 vendors who have not updated their permit this year, on the grounds that they no longer want vendors due to hoteliers’ pressures, in addition to being asked to register with the Treasury, which would disrupt their income.

They don’t want any more people, the hotels don’t want to see us anymore, they want us to take off, they want all the people for them, and we live here, here is our house, here we have made our lives, then how are we going to go

 Maria ” N “

He said that they will insist before the authorities to control the vendors that operate without permission, and that no more temporary permits are given in high tourist times


1,400 pesos each seller pays for an annual permit that allows him to work on the beaches.

From 2 to 3 workers operate with a single vendors permit, ensure merchants in order.

Up to 15 vendors working on the beaches for every 5 merchants with permission.

Source: el sol de mazatlan

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