Israeli machine that transforms air into water


Millions of people suffer from water scarcity, mainly in rural areas, according to a study by the Amulén Foundation. The Israeli Watergen machine offers a rapid, innovative and sustainable response to combat this crisis.

In order to alleviate the water deficit that more than one million people suffer in Chile, alliances have been sought through innovation to be able to implement an Israeli machine that massively extracts water from the air.

Pelvin’s neighbors in Peñaflor say they have difficulty accessing the water comfortably and through pipes.

“In Pelvin on time, we have more than 100 homes that have no water and are supplied in different ways. The majority by cistern trucks and others by well systems that have been failing” says Rocío Espinoza, executive director of the Amulén Foundation.

Espinoza affirms that innovation has always been essential for the Foundation since it can be a quick response for communities with a real problem.

“With Watergen we can generate 900 liters of purified water, certified by the SDG, per day. This allows us to react much faster to help communities, ”adds Espinoza, according to

“The machine captures the air and extracts moisture by generating water. The air enters the machine where there is an evaporator that is the one that generates the water. Then it goes to a treatment system, is purified and minerals are added creating high-quality drinking water, ”says Assaf Gal, Watergen implementation engineer.

“I think it’s almost magical because we are producing water without water. We take it out of the air which is a constant resource. Another thing I find great about the machine is that it regulates itself; that is to say that it knows if it is cloudy if there is rain or there is sun ”, concludes Heidi Febre, in charge of the Pelvin Ecological Agro Foundation.

Founded in 2009 by Israeli businessman and former commander Arye Kohavi, Watergen was originally conceived to provide easily accessible water for military personnel around the world.

In November 2018, Watergen provided its atmospheric mobile water generator known as GEN-350, for rescuers who participated in the devastating fire in Camp Fire, California, United States.

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