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Expropriations of private property threatened for Mayan Train

The general director of the National Fund for Tourism Promotion (Fonatur), Rogelio Jiménez Pons, strongly ruled out that there will be expropriations for the development of the Mayan Train that will cross the Yucatan Peninsula, however, clarified that if necessary they would be the last resort.

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Within the framework of the Signing of the Collaboration Agreement with the Autonomous Metropolitan University (UAM), Jiménez Pons emphasized that one of the axes of the Mayan Train is its contribution to society, so more than to make the necessary lands for development, mainly from the stations, it is sought that the same owners are the ones who join the project.

“We have insisted a lot with them, even in the sense that they do not sell their land, because it is not the idea in mind,” says the head of Fonatur, noting that they have approached the different communities to explain the project and how it will promote the region, in order to integrate them.

“Since this project was announced, Andrés Manuel López Obrador made it clear that no expropriations would be made. We have to look for all possible alternatives, including changing something in the plan, reaching the best negotiations, and only in an extreme case would this resource be resorted to, ”adds Rogelio Jiménez Pons. 

The official explained that so far the progress is practically zero physically, because the project is landing, taking care of all the legal and supported aspects of the different agreements such as the one signed now with the UAM, as well as other international institutions and organizations, who they are the many “eyes” that will guarantee the transparency of the project.

By way of recount, the director of Fonatur explained that in December the development of basic engineering will be delivered, which will be delivered to bidders who wish to participate in the work, hence, it will correspond to him or the winners, to take it to out and keep it in good condition.

He also announced that soon the tender for the rails will be announced, which will have international quality standards, with the intention that the builder already has them ready to work, “then wait until we see who will do it (the work) would take longer “

Regarding the agreement signed with the UAM, the rector of the house of studies, Eduardo Peñaloza Castro, commented that they will contribute knowledge in different areas of knowledge, such as water, housing, urban development, biotechnology, and sustainability.

When signing the agreement, both holders highlighted the importance of adding the academy in a project as important as the Mayan Train.

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