Bee attack reports increase in Mazatlan, says, Firefighters


A week they attend an average of 105 cases, which are assessed before proceeding to their attention

Mazatlan, Sinaloa.- Up to 15 daily reports on the presence of swarms of bees throughout the city, receive Mazatlan Firefighters.

The fire commander, Edgar Enrique Peinado Beltrán, acknowledged that in the last two weeks there have been increased calls for emergencies citing honeycombs throughout the municipality.

Right now the bee swarms bring us a lot of work, because we attend more than 15 daily cases, everywhere, throughout the city there are this type of insects that are passing through 

Edgar Enrique Peinado Beltrán

Recent rainfall, he said, has been a factor that causes swarms to “fuss”, and at the same time causes fear among people when they realize that there are bees near their home.

He clarified that before so much report, the corporation makes a selection in which all those cases that could be an imminent risk for the population, such as honeycombs that are near a school or a park, are treated.

Peinado Beltrán commented that at least 25% of the reports are considered as risk, so the intervention of smoker is required.

In cases where the intervention of firefighters does not merit, he said, the recommendation is given to the public so that they do not disturb the bees, which will eventually be withdrawn from one moment to another.


There is currently a declaration of the care of bees by the United Nations Organization, which although they are not in danger of extinction if they are in the middle of a notice in which they should be cared for, because they are important for the life of the planet.


105 cases related to bees attend Firefighters per week.

Source: el sol de mazatlan

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